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We are a full service transportation company, dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional customer service. Our company is family owned and operated by local residents who have a passion for customer service and are committed to making your transportation experience the best it can be. Coast To Coast Limousine & Transportation takes pride in knowing that you will receive professional, friendly, reliable and prompt service whenever you need us. Toledo Transportation offers charter buses for groups up to 70 passengers as well as small group limos for smaller parties or couples needing transportation services around Toledo OH or surrounding cities such as Sylvania OH or Oregon OH.

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Toledo Limos

Toledo Limos is a locally owned business and has been in business since 2010. Toledo Limos offers a wide variety of vehicles including limousines, luxury sedans, SUV’s, party buses, motor coaches and more! We also offer a wide variety of services: airport shuttle service, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, night out on the town with friends or family; you name it! We pride ourselves in offering competitive rates while providing excellent customer service. Call today to reserve your next ride with Toledo Limos!

Limousine Company in Toledo

At Party Bus Toledo OH, we have a wide range of vehicles to choose from. We offer our customers the flexibility of choosing any kind of vehicle that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you are planning for a big event, such as your wedding or for a special occasion like birthday party; we have everything you need! Our limousines are perfect for corporate events as well. They come with all the amenities, including but not limited to: plasma TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, iPod docking stations and much more! To ensure that our clients get nothing less than what they deserve; we always ensure that all our vehicles are in prime condition before making them available for any service rendered by us. We also have a 24 hour customer service line that is manned by highly trained professionals who can help you out whenever you need assistance with anything related to transportation services in Toledo OH area. We understand how important it is for someone planning an event such as wedding or birthday party so don’t worry about anything else except having fun while riding on one of our amazing party buses!

Limo Prices in Ohio

Luxury limo pricing is based on the size of the limo, the number of passengers, and the distance of your trip. A luxury vehicle typically costs more than a standard car because it provides additional amenities such as leather seats, flat screen televisions and drink holders. Most luxury vehicles also come with complimentary champagne or soft drinks when you rent them. Luxury vehicles are often priced by hour but can also be priced per kilometer or per person.

SUV Hummer Limo Rentals

SUV Hummer Limos are perfect for airport transportation and ground transportation in Toledo, OH. Our Hummer Limo Rental Service is available 24/7 for your convenience and all vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation systems to ensure worry-free travel. SUV Hummer Limo Rentals are also equipped with premium sound systems that will make everyone want to dance! We offer a variety of other services such as airport transportation, shuttle service to the wedding venue, business meetings or sporting events. We provide first class service at an affordable price tag! You can book your limo today by calling us.

Hummer Limo Pricing Explained

Hummer limousine pricing will vary depending on the number of people in your party, and whether or not you want to include additional services like champagne, flowers and other perks. For example, if you’re renting a Hummer limo for five people for an hour-long drive through Toledo Ohio with no extras, the price could be anywhere from $600 to $710. If you choose to add any extras (like champagne), expect your overall cost per person to increase by 10% or more.

First Class Service

When you hire a limousine from Toledo Limos, you can expect first class service. Your driver will be dressed in a suit and will be professional and courteous. They will arrive at your location on time to pick up your group or family. Your driver will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the area, providing recommendations for local attractions and restaurants.

Exotic Limo Options

You can reserve an exotic limousine if you want to feel like a celebrity. While they’re more expensive than the standard rental cars, they have all the amenities of a luxury car. If you have time to spare, we recommend renting a classic luxury car like the Bentley or Cadillac Escalade ESV. These vehicles are well-known for their comfort and style, so your guests will enjoy every minute of their journey!

Services We Offer

Airport Transportation: If you are traveling to Toledo, Ohio and need a limo, then we can help you out. We will pick you up at the airport and transport you back on our luxury vehicles. You can even book your flight with us so that we get the best price for it. Shuttle To The Wedding Venue: When getting married, it is very important that everything goes right on time so that nothing gets delayed or ruined by last minute problems such as traffic jams or accidents on the road etc. That is why when hiring Toledo Limos, they will make sure that they deliver their clients on time without any delays so that they do not miss out on any important moments of their life like exchanging rings or cutting cakes etc.

Airport Transportation

Airport transportation is one of our most popular services. We offer airport shuttles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our airport shuttles are available to and from Toledo Express, Detroit Metro, and Cleveland Hopkins airports. We also offer service to and from the Toledo Express Airport and Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Shuttle To The Wedding Venue

A shuttle is a vehicle that picks up passengers and takes them to their destination. A wedding shuttle is a special kind of shuttle that picks up guests to take them to the wedding location, and returns them afterwards. This can be particularly helpful if there are many guests coming from different places or if you don’t have your own transportation available (like if you’re doing a destination wedding). A great benefit of using a wedding shuttle service is that it saves time. Instead of having everyone drive separately, they can all meet at one place and be taken directly to where they need to go. That way, no one gets lost or has difficulty finding where they need to go! Wedding shuttles can also save money because there are fewer cars on the road; this reduces emissions from exhaust fumes as well as traffic jams caused by too many cars trying to leave at once! Finally, having one vehicle for everyone makes it easier for some people who may not have access otherwise—such as those who have mobility issues or use wheelchairs—to get around easily during celebrations like these instead of having trouble finding accessible transportation in general.

Sprinter Limo Drop Off For Sport Teams

Our Sprinter limo drop off for sport teams is a great way to help keep your players safe and on time. Our executive sedan service provides you with the flexibility of keeping a car on standby, or allowing us to shuttle your entire team at once. We have plenty of experience with sporting events, including minor league baseball games, high school football games and tournaments.

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

If you are looking for a safe, reliable, and affordable way to transport large groups of people, then Toledo Limousines has the perfect solution for you. School bus rentals in Toledo OH are fast becoming a popular choice among school administrators because they offer so many benefits. Our school buses are comfortable and spacious, making them ideal for long trips. They are also great vehicles if your child’s sports team needs transportation to their games!

Book Corporate Travel Limousine Buses

Corporate travel limousine buses are also known as luxury motor coaches. These vehicles are usually large and sometimes come with leather seats, Wi-Fi, televisions, and bathrooms. Most corporate travel limousines can transport up to 80 passengers at once! A company that runs a lot of business meetings might want to book corporate travel limousine buses for their employees so that they don’t have to worry about finding parking on the street or paying for an expensive parking garage spot. A private bus driver will pick you up at your home or office in Toledo Ohio and take you wherever it is that you need to go!

Prom and Formal Limo Shuttle Service

When you’re in charge of planning your prom or formal, you want everything to be perfect. Starting with the limousine will help set the tone for a night that will always be remembered as one of the best days of everyone involved. Our Toledo Limos have been providing first class transportation services to high school students. We can help make sure that all your teens arrive at their prom or formal looking their best with one of our luxury vehicles. If you’re looking for a way to get your entire group from point A to point B without having them worry about drinking and driving—or if you just want some peace of mind about getting home safely—our professional drivers are here to take care of everything! With us, there are no worries about parking, getting lost in unfamiliar territory or missing out on any part of this special evening because we take care of everything from start-to-finish.

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Party Buses

Greek events are a great way to bring your family and friends together. Greek events are a great way to meet new people. Greek events are a great way to celebrate your Greek heritage. Greek events are a great way to have fun. Greek events are a great way to celebrate.

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

Homecoming is a special event that brings together many members of the school community. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends, as well as current and former students who still have ties to their alma mater. There are several ways you can show your pride for Toledo Ohio University: Rent an affordable limousine or party bus from Toledo Limos for your group’s transportation needs. Visit our website for helpful tips on how to plan your perfect homecoming weekend. Contact us today to reserve your vehicle!

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

Travelling with a group can be a challenge, but the ultimate solution is renting a minibus! You and your friends will travel in style and comfort with these vehicles, which are spacious enough to fit up to 16 people. Minibuses are also great for social events like pub crawls or bachelor parties! If you’re looking for an affordable limousine service that provides transportation to sporting events, concerts and other large gatherings of people, then look no further than Toledo Limos. We offer reliable transportation across Toledo Ohio as well as surrounding areas like Sylvania and Maumee.

Wine Tour Trips in Limousines

Toledo is a great city for wine enthusiasts. As the birthplace of many famous wineries, Toledo offers you the chance to try some of their finest products. Whether you’re looking for wine and cheese pairings or chocolate and wine pairings, limousines from Toledo Limos are up to the task.

Steps To Rent Your Limo Service

When you are looking to rent a limo service in Toledo Ohio, there are some things that you need to know. Here is the process that you should follow: Choose your limo service. Book your limo service. Pay for your limo service. You can pay online or over the phone with a credit card if it is available for use on their website or call center (if they have one). Make sure that you get a receipt for all of the charges on this occasion as well as any other transportation services needed from Toledo Limos including but not limited to shuttles, taxis and buses!

Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo is a zoological garden located in Toledo, Ohio. The zoo has been open since 1871 and contains over 3,000 animals representing over 300 species. The zoo has an active breeding program for several species such as cheetahs, red pandas and Amur leopards. The zoo also has several gardens including the Desert Dome where you can see cacti and other desert plants native to southern California climate. There’s also the Tropical House which features tropical plants from around the world as well as a waterfall inside!

Imagination Station

Imagination Station is a science center in downtown Toledo, Ohio. It’s a great place for kids to learn about science and technology, with hands-on exhibits like the Water Works Zone and Let’s Take a Trip! In addition to its educational programming, Imagination Station also offers an array of special events throughout the year: A Butterfly Conservatory where visitors can watch butterflies flutter around inside their glass enclosure. The conservatory has thousands of different species from around the world.

Fifth Third Field

Fifth Third Field is the home of five professional sports teams in the Toledo area. The Mud Hens are a Minor League Baseball team that has been playing at Fifth Third since 2002, and they’re also one of the most popular attractions in town.