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Welcome to Toledo Charters, your local charter bus company. Our goal is to be the best charter bus rental service in the Toledo Ohio area. We offer a wide variety of vehicles for any occasion and budget. Whether you are looking for a small shuttle bus or a giant coach bus, we have it all! Our extensive fleet includes motorcoaches, minibuses, school buses and more! We also have over two decades of experience providing quality transportation services with our dedicated staff who will go above and beyond just getting you from point A to point B – they’re here to ensure that your trip is seamless from start to finish.

Charter Party Bus in ToledoBus Rentals Toledo Ohio

It is easy to book a ride in Toledo as we offer several party bus models through our agency service. When you are here for vacation or for official purposes, there would be need for group transportation. You will be able to find different premier limo coaches through our agency. These can be hired as party buses or for chartering people to and from the offices or airport areas. No matter what is your requirement, you will find the right coach through our agency. There are limos for rent as well. These come equipped with different amenities which can be used for luxury rides about town with friends or loved ones.

Charter Buses & Motorcoaches Near Me

Charter Party buses Toledo

  • The process of hiring through our party bus rental Toledo is an easy one. If you have to hurry, simply placed a booking through a call. We also have rental service listings in most of the town based directories. We will be able to guide you in choosing the right coach as per passenger count and amenities you require.
  • Through our cheap party bus rental service you will find different coach models for hire. These are in the form of motor coaches, shuttle buses, charter buses, passenger party buses and others. The seating capacity differs as well as amenities provided on board. You could choose to seat passengers varying from 14, 20, 30, 40 or 50.
  • We also provide a wide range of limos and premier vehicles for hire through our limo service Toledo. These comprise of models like the Chrysler 300, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer Limos, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford Excursion or Lexus.
  • There are shuttle coaches and limos for hire that are perfect for small to medium groups of people, 2 to 14. These come at cheap limo rental prices as well.

Charter Bus Rental Prices Toledo

Charter Party Bus Rental Toledo

Whether you are looking to hire a wedding party bus or limos from our agency, you will find that the prices we charge are affordable in the region. The rates vary as per the number of passengers on board, hours of hire or distance to be covered. We also offer extra facilities and amenities that guests could use on board, but these come at additional costs. There are discounts offered as well on our travel deals. You could take a look at the different packages we have on offer.

Things To Do

Charter party bus rentals Toledo

There are several places to check out when you are in Toledo such as:

  • Toledo Zoo; it is a haven for animals where events and concerts are also held.
  • Toledo Museum of Art; here you will find galleries where different art medium is used.
  • Tony Packo’s Café; check out the Hungarian meals here with a relaxed ambience.

These are some of the several places to check out when you are at Toledo. Choose one of our cheap party bus models to go about the region with your own group. It would definitely be more fun.

Charter Buses Toledo Ohio

If you are planning to take a group on an outing, or if you are simply looking for an alternative transportation option, charter bus rentals are an excellent choice. There is no better way to explore Toledo Ohio than by renting a charter bus and travelling together as a large group of friends or family members. When reserving your charter bus rental from Toledo Charters, be sure to book the vehicle that best suits your needs and the number of passengers who will be riding with you. If there is space available on any given day during the time period that works best for you, then we can provide that service without issue—no matter how large or small your party may be!

Why Rent Motorcoaches and Minibuses?

We have a wide range of motorcoaches, minibuses and buses to rent. Our fleet includes: 40 passenger motorcoach: This bus has the best legroom and seating capacity in our fleet. It is great for large events such as weddings or conferences. 24 passenger luxury motorcoach: We have several luxury tour buses that will transport you safely and comfortably anywhere in Toledo Ohio. These buses can be used for tours around the city or as a charter bus rental for private events such as weddings or corporate events. Mini-buses (10-15 people): These vehicles are great for local transportation with less than a dozen passengers on board at any given time. They’re also ideal when you want to avoid traffic jams during rush hour but don’t need to bring along everyone from your company! Rates vary depending on size of vehicle and length of rental period; please contact us directly if you would like more information about rates before booking your trip!

Bus Rentals Near Me

You want to be close to the airport. When you’re flying, you don’t want to waste any time. Toledo Charters is only a 25-minute drive from Toledo Express Airport (TOL), so your bus will always be on time. You want to be close to the venue. If you’re renting for a concert or sporting event, do not risk being delayed by traffic and congestion; let us know where your group is going and we’ll get there faster than anyone else in town! You want to be close to the hotel. This way when it comes time for your group transportation back home, there won’t be any confusion about where they should go or even worse: no one knows where they parked their car! Our rental location is right across from Embassy Suites Hotel off of Dorr Street just minutes away from The Huntington Center Arena (formerly known as Toledo Sports Arena). It’s also within walking distance of many popular restaurants such as Perkins Restaurant & Bakery if hunger strikes during intermission between plays/games etcetera…

Why Choose Party Bus Toledo OH?

When you need to rent a charter bus in Toledo, Party Bus Toledo OH is the company you want to call. We have the best customer service, we offer the most competitive prices and our vehicles are some of the best on the market today. Our reputation speaks for itself with over 10 years of experience serving customers all across Ohio, so no matter where you’re going or what kind of trip you’re planning, Party Bus Toledo OH has everything that you need!

Charter Bus Pricing Explained

Pricing is based on the number of passengers and the duration of your trip. Our prices are all-inclusive, so you won’t be charged for extras like tolls or gas. You’ll also receive unlimited miles, meaning you can go wherever you need to go without worrying about extra charges. If your group has more than 15 people, we recommend booking a medium or large charter bus rental from Toledo Charters instead of our standard vehicles. This way, everyone in your group will have plenty of legroom and comfort while traveling!

Minibus Rentals

Minibus rentals are great for large groups, whether you’re traveling as a sports team, a school group or wedding party. Our vehicles can fit up to forty passengers but still provide you with plenty of legroom and room for luggage. Whether you’re visiting from out of town or just need transportation for large groups within Toledo, our minibus fleet comes equipped with free WiFi and a restroom. We also have designated handicap accessible buses available so that everyone in your group can travel comfortably together.

Mini Bus Pricing Explained

Mini buses are the perfect choice if you need to transport a group of people and your destination doesn’t require a lot of luggage. Mini buses are great for sporting events, weddings and other large events where groups of people need to travel together. They’re also ideal for school trips or corporate events where there is some distance between locations. Airport transportation is another popular use case for mini-buses because they can accommodate up to 15 passengers comfortably making them an excellent alternative to taxis or car services.

Motorcoaches For Hire

Toledo Charters is your one stop shop to find the best motorcoach rentals in Toledo, OH. Our fleet of luxury coaches are available for rent and we also offer many more services, motor coaches, bus chartering and transportation services throughout the United States. We have a wide variety of motor coaches available for hire or purchase at our location in Ohio. Whether you need a coach for short term use or long term transportation needs we have the perfect fit for you!

Motorcoach Pricing Explained

Before you book a motorcoach from us, you should know that there are many factors that go into determining the final cost of your trip. These factors include:

  • The type of motorcoach
  • The number of passengers traveling
  • The distance traveled
  • How long you need to use it for (number of days) and time of year.

Charter Bus Rental Services

Charter bus rentals are a great way to transport your group in style. They are the most popular way to transport groups of people, and they come in many different sizes. You can select from mini buses that hold 8-10 passengers, to luxury motor coaches that can seat up to 50 or more people. Our charter bus fleet includes both standard and deluxe vehicles that are for your comfort and safety on this special day! We also offer mini-coaches equipped with wheelchair lifts as well as 15 passenger vans with seating for up to 16 passengers each. Our double-decker buses have comfortable leather seating and high back headrests for added relaxation during your special day!

Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

If you need to go from place to place on your big day, we have the vehicle for you. Our limo buses can accommodate up to 30 passengers each while still being comfortable enough for everyone involved. We specialize in airport shuttles and party bus rentals so that no matter where your guests are coming from or going to they will be able to arrive safely with us! Call us today and let our team members help make this trip one less thing for you worry about!

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

For sports teams, having a coach bus is the best way to travel. The reason for this is that coaches are the most versatile vehicles for transporting sports teams. They’re also the most comfortable, affordable, and reliable vehicles for transporting sports teams. Coach buses come with seats that can be converted into beds so you can take naps on long trips (and you’ll need lots of those). They have bathrooms and kitchenettes with microwave ovens so you don’t have to stop off at any fast food joints along the way. Plus they have plenty of space inside so your equipment will fit comfortably on board too!

School Bus Rentals For Perfect School Trips

Our school buses are perfect for these kinds of events because they have everything you need in an out-of-the-way location: AC and heating systems, multiples rows of seats capable of holding up to 50 people at once—even restrooms! And since we offer our services at reasonable rates (ranging from $1-$10 per person), it won’t cost your school much to rent one of our charters. Why Choose Toledo Charters? We know that finding the right company matters when you’re organizing an event like this one. That’s why we’ve put together a list of reasons why Toledo Charters is the best choice for your need.

Government Charter Bus Rentals

Our fleet includes motorcoaches and minibuses for rent. We also offer bus rentals near me with the best prices guaranteed! If you want to make your next event extra special, then why not consider renting a luxury charter bus? At Party Bus Toledo OH we understand that every group is different and their needs are unique; therefore we offer several types of charter buses so that clients can choose what works best for them. For example, if you’re planning an anniversary party or another special occasion with friends or family members then there’s no better way than by renting one of our luxury vehicles–they’ll certainly turn heads as they arrive at their destination! Plus our pricing couldn’t be more reasonable: $145 per hour (including mileage) plus tax–so budget accordingly!

Book Corporate Travel Coach Buses

You can use a charter bus for your corporate event, or you can rent one for company travel. You can choose from our fleet of luxury coach buses, or custom-build an itinerary that fits your needs. Whether it’s a long road trip from Toledo to Columbus or New York City, we’ll make sure you have a comfortable ride with plenty of amenities and entertainment options along the way. We offer 24/7 customer service so that you always know where your bus is at all times during your trip. We also let you pick up the phone and talk to us if something happens on board while traveling in one of our vehicles – this is especially important if there are any mechanical issues with the bus itself!

Prom and Formal Shuttle Service

We are the perfect solution for your last minute transportation needs. We offer a shuttle bus service from prom to hotel, prom to afterparty and formal to hotel. Our shuttles can accommodate up to 20 passengers so that you and your friends can relax on the ride home and celebrate in style!

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Motorcoaches

When you’re organizing a Greek event, things can get a little bit tricky. You have to make sure your planning is perfect and that everything goes smoothly – otherwise it might be an embarrassment for everyone involved. One of the most important things to consider when planning a Greek event is transportation. Where are all your guests going to come from? How will they be transported around town? Do they need help figuring out which buses go where, or where they need to get off at each stop? These are all questions that must be answered before any big event can start up!

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

Whether you’re looking to transport your friends and family to the game, or get them back home safely, a homecoming bus rental is an affordable and convenient way to travel. Homecoming buses are available in a number of different styles, including 10-seaters, 15-seaters and 18-seaters. A rental bus can be rented for as little as $150+ per hour depending on which service you use. This cost will cover up to four hours of driving time per day with no additional fees attached.

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

You will travel in comfort and style with our pub crawl minibuses. These are safe, reliable vehicles. Additionally, we make sure each vehicle has everything you need while on your trip—from WiFi to a cooler full of snacks to help keep everyone happy! So come join us for an unforgettable experience as we explore Toledo Ohio together!

Ongoing Employee Shuttle Bus Service

We have the most affordable and dependable employee shuttle bus service in the area, and we can help you get to where you need to go. Our employee shuttle buses are regularly used by businesses of all types and sizes. They’re ideal for corporate events or team building exercises, but they’re also a convenient way to transport employees from one building to another. If your company has multiple offices spread out over a large area, our shuttles can help make sure that everyone gets where they need to be without wasting time or energy on their commute.

Steps To Rent Your Bus

Reserve your bus by filling out a quote form and we will get back to you with a price estimate. Once we have made an agreement for the charter, there are two ways that you can pay for your bus rental: On-line payment to our bank account (see details below). Pay cash when picking up the bus at our office or at any of our pick up locations in Toledo Ohio.

Attractions in Toledo Ohio

Toledo Charters is a great way to go. We offer affordable charter bus rentals throughout the year. Whether you are traveling for leisure or business purposes, we can help make your trip safe and convenient! We have several top attractions in Toledo Ohio that are worth visiting while touring around the city: The Toledo Zoo – A zoo where over 1,300 animals reside: polar bears, gorillas and lions roam around their habitats. It’s been ranked one of the top ten zoos in America by TripAdvisor! The Toledo Museum of Art – This museum houses over 95 works by Picasso alone! It also has a large collection of Asian art including Japanese prints and paintings from India as well as sculptures from China (including an eight foot tall bronze Buddha). There’s something for everyone here so be sure not miss this place out when exploring what else there might be besides just going shopping downtown!

Airports We Service in Toledo Ohio
  • Toledo Express Airport
  • Findlay Airport
  • Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  • Port Columbus International Airport